The high altar

Meditation on the Passion of Jesus

The several stations of the Passion of Jesus were created at the end of the 15th century. Sculptures and paintings complement each other in an impressive way. It is not possible to assign these works to any particular artist.


Stations of Passion

The painting at the top on the left side wing shows Jesus praying in the Garden Gethsemane.

In the painting below you see the painful walk of Jesus to his crucifixion.

Both in the art of woodcarving and of painting, the crucifixion of Jesus dominates in the centre shrine. In every aspect the cruelty of the event is visible  -  stiff and with enormous vividness at the same time. Every single figure is represented in its peculiar dynamics  - a drama unequaled.

The right side wing shows the Entombment of Christ in the painting in the upper part and his Resurrection in the lower part.The predella contains the busts of Saint Christopher, Saint Anne and Saint Andrew with the typical cross.At the very top of the altar, there is the risen Jesus Christ: physically marked by torture. The angels are holding spear and sponge.


Saint Christopher

The large painting on the right wall of the choir shows Saint Christopher as a huge companion. He became patron of the pilgrims because in the legend he carried many people across the water.Being a huge man with the power of a giant, he finds his fulfilment in the performance of this task.He carries the Infant Jesus on his shoulders and with that the burden of the whole world.

According to the coats of arms at the bottom of the painting, its origin is supposed to be in about 1515.



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